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Our Team


Josh Bleakley

CEO & Founder

Strength training athletes for optimal performance in sport

and life. 


Nat Lydon

Strength Coach

I help women with their fitness and mindset growth to become the best versions of themselves through coaching, both online and in person


Riette Petzer

ACTN3 Office & Coach

Supporting people on their journey to live a life where they feel strong and balanced.


Eriq Martin

Boxing Coach

Boxing is an art and with the right conditioning and right technique, you will gain an amazing experience in the ring.


Exploring the human potential through athletic performance.


Having worked with Record Holders, National & World level athletes. ACTN3-Performance Athletes has helped all levels become stronger, faster and more agile. Our focus on Improving athletic performance and decreasing the risk of injury in competition has helped athletes become (to date) the most elite versions of themselves.


Founded in 2013 by Josh Bleakley, ACTN3 - Performance Athletes originated as a strength and conditioning service, with an immediate response from Josh's philosophies and training principals the company took to open ACTN3's Athletic Performance Center in 2014. Housing athletes together under one roof we birthed our athlete community, with one simple goal; To create the most empowering environment for athletes to exceed and excel in their sporting disciplines.

Becoming the top athlete community in New Zealand, we have set out to take on the current sporting communities with our athletes, having athletes in a vase variety of sports and disciplines, we aim to be highly competitive in all we involve ourselves in, forever exploring the human potential and pushing the boundaries of athletic performance.


Strength and Conditioning athletes has been taken to a new level.

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